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Last Updated: Feb 27, 2011

3.00 (poor) Well, the Series was a little confusing since it went along the true reincarnated line - after a while. The story in itself was nice but I have to admit the Movie made more sense then the TV Series.

Overall - a nice little show that by ever end of an episode you'll find yourself on such a cliff hanger that you have to watch the next and the next and before you know it. There is no more ep's to watch but in the end it is a tear jerkier. And I wish they'd of made more of it. Giving her more of a chance. That's just my thoughts.

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

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Last Updated: Feb 22, 2014

10.00 (excellent) I am quite bias when it comes to the Sailor Moon series. Since, this is what got me into Anime in the first place. Though I had never seen 'everything' since I was watching it on the TV. Like many of us did.

But since I have seen it all I must say it was good. I'd of loved it if the voice actresses/actors would of remained somewhat the same but as far as the story line and all. I think it was worth watching it all. The plot progressed nicely and a bit more in depth then I though it was going to. Yet, I wonder how I'd feel about it if the Stars were translated to English.

So, in the end. It could of been really bad and I'd of still loved these series. So, I am quite bias but give it a shot. Its at least worth a look!


Gate Keepers

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Last Updated: Feb 22, 2014

10.00 (excellent) Gate Keeps the series is a good show to watch. It is playful, yet serious at times. Its a bit on the sci-fi theme but all in all its a good watch. I haven't anything to complain about with it. So, give Gate Keepers the Series a try.

Spoiler (show)

My nephew loves this one! I do too!! I have to see more!!!

Gate Keepers - OVA = is no worth watching. It doesn't add anything to the Series. It doesn't actual end either. Though I did think it would of made a great 2nd season to Gate Keepers but alas this was not the case.


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Last Updated: Apr 08, 2008

10.00 (excellent) *kiss all hamsters* So, cute! So, fun! I can get my neice and newphew to watch with me!

Kaleido Star

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Last Updated: Jan 29, 2010

10.00 (excellent) Great actorbatics, great story line, Gotta see the rest!!! SEEN the rest and it was just breath taking. I mean it. You couldn't help but feel your heart lift up with Sora!!!

Marmalade Boy

Seen: completely

Last Updated: Nov 10, 2016

9.00 (very good) Marmalade Boy is an older anime but if you like soap operas. You'll love this one. Its totally a soap opera turned into an Anime. That's the simplest way to put it.


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Last Updated: Apr 08, 2008

10.00 (excellent) It was so moving! So, well rounded for only 13 eps! *hugs Mawata*

SD Gundam

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Last Updated: Mar 06, 2014

10.00 (excellent) Superior Defender Gundam Force is completely different from all other Gundam series in the Gundam line up. Please, understand this first of all. SDGF is based in an alternative world that has nothing to do with any in the other Gundam shows. It is mainly created for children or those light of heart.

SDGF is based in a futuristic world of Neo-Topia. Where our main character: Shoot - a young boy - lives. In Neo-Topia human's and machines live in harmony. Where robots are workers, friends, and even pets. Also, there are no guns or weapons allowed within the peaceful Neo-Topia.

But behind the scene's of this peaceful place we have the 'Dark Axis' an evil group of Gundam's that are from an alternate dimension from Neo-Topia. That are attacking and taking over other worlds through the 'Zaco-Zaco Gate' that they stole. So, through this gate they have transported themselves threw time and space with their ship 'Magnum Mu-sigh' and unleashed their 'Ba-goo Ba-goo' ; small mosquito/fly type of machine that has the ability to inject a chemical that can change any organic life into stone aka concrete. With these methods they have already taken over the alternative world of 'Lacroa'. Thus setting there sights over to Neo-Topia and another world called 'Ark'.

Thus, a band of hero's start to form. Captain Gundam from the secret SDG base of 'Neo-Topia'. The Winged Knight: Zero from 'Lacroa'. An a Samurai named Bakunetsumaru from the world of 'Ark'. As well as Shoot the human boy from 'Neo-Topia'.

The reason Shoot is apart of this team is because of his friendship with Captain. With Shoot around Captain is able to access his 'Soul Drive'. The living force within these walking and talking and super cute Gundam's. Though the 'Soul Drive' itself has different abilities for each Gundam.

Thus, with our band of hero's and the support of the SDGF Base and Captain Haru. They set off to defeat the 'Dark Axis' that has shown itself on Neo-Topia's doorstep.

But the story goes behind this point of just saving Neo-Topia from becoming a concrete parking lot. It goes into depths of the other worlds of 'Ark' and 'Lecroa'. Creating new issues for our hero's and new relationships.

And through it all the show has its light moments, funny moments, serious moments, sad moments, and happy moments. As long as your not looking for a serious 'Gundam' series I suggest giving this one a try. Though if you are a 'Gundam' fan as I am but don't mind a semi-kiddish series. You just might like SD Gundam. Its a whole new universe apart from the main stream Gundam and I find it surprisingly entertaining and dare I say thought provoking once you get to the second season.

So, give it a chance and see if you can recall where some of the the SDG characters come from in the main stream Gundam line.



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Last Updated: Feb 27, 2011

10.00 (excellent) Most reviews will diss this show as another one of the same type anime but I tell you it is so much more. Perhaps, its more for girls to understand then boys because the main; Suzuka; whom usually is called mean or worse in reviews; is a normal girl who's had a huge lost in her life and is then starting her next year of school in another place. Totally different from her. Personally; I doubt I'd be all bubbles either but when watching keep an open might and have some sympathy. If your looking for a show with cuddles and hearts. This isn't for you but if you want to see a show that is so down to earth and real but still exciting and entertaining. Then Suzuka - Sport is not a Spectator Sport - is for you!

Tenkuu no Escaflowne

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Last Updated: Apr 08, 2008

10.00 (excellent) *hugs Van and Alen* Great show! Great Movie! So, moving! Love the wings!!

Wedding Peach

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Last Updated: Jan 18, 2009

10.00 (excellent) Wedding Peach has its SM qualitys but I think Wedding Peach shows more of the 'normal' relationship between friends. At least th

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